Few words about the job offers I'd obtained.

A job opportunities became available for which my sphere rep recognized me to be a good fit, and contacted me to determine 
my interest level. Few persons I know are very helpful, preparing me for the contacts, and recommending how my anwser
should look like, before I accept the offer.

I have worked with many people and search for a good flourish firms, and I can truthfully say that it's damn hard to find 
something, or someone worth of contribution. I never felt like someone would merely trying to "sell me" in order to make
a quick contract. The consultants which are promoting me, took the time to get to know me, considered my skills and 
interests, helped me get exactly what I want: A position with a prestigious company, increased responsibility, The 
consultants are extremely professional, and gave me valuable advice about prospectives and the process of finding the 
'right' job. 

People are usually taking the time to understand what I'm looking for, and matching me with thier companies where it might
be a good fit. Because of this I did not waste time going through easy way of being, I get my butt to work, where it was
clearly not much, but needed for start. All of the meetings I had with the companies, that fit both my profile and the 
qualifications that the hiring organization was looking for ended without results. Why? ... Simple anwser - The full-time 
BSc studies. They're efficiently precluding me with entertain a job. 

I'm interested in finding a job which includes only 'remote relations', according to the work (in the spheres I'm 
interested in), until the time I finish my studies.

If you're interested in co-operation with me, or you have a serious job offer contact me. gorion@hacking.pl

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